Heavenly Peace With Holiday Lights — Eliminate The Dangerous, Tangled Job

Hot On Austin 2014

Hot On Austin 2014 Every Christmas season, many of us engage in one of the most dangerous, expensive, frustrating, tedious and time-consuming outdoor tasks of the year; yet it’s part of almost every household’s tradition. Usually over Thanksgiving weekend, you climb up to the attic, or find that big box under the eaves in the garage, pull it down, then … Read More

The Christmas Lighting Season 2016 is Here

holiday lighting

The Christmas lighting season 2016 is here. Plantscape Solutions is currently putting up our existing clients lights before the wave of new clients hits us. From churches to homes we do it all. Call now to get your 2016 Christmas light installation estimate before we are all booked up.

Staked Flower Bed Lights

For a limited time we have about 600’ of staked bed lights that will be just $2 a foot instead of the regular $3.95 rate. Bed lights are a great way to start your display at ground level and add more depth. For tall structures having bed lights can prevent your display from having a large dark void. This Plantscape … Read More

Wreath Displays w/ Bows

You have probably heard the saying it takes two to tango. It takes a great looking wreath paired with the perfect bow to create the ideal combination. We use commercial grade exterior use nylon structural bows. They can handle the sun, rain, and wind and hold their shape and color just fine. Pair this great bow with a Camdon Fir … Read More

Camdon Fir Garlands

Camdon Firm glands

If the standard pipe cleaner looking garland most places sell does not meet your standards you have come to the right place. Our tradition garland is the Camdon Fir line shown in the picture. It is very detailed and realistic looking and meets our high standards. If you demand only the best greenery for your home you have come to … Read More



The house you see in the picture has 600 C9 lights on the house, 90’ of lit garland, and 300’ of mini lights all running on just one outlet. The reason this can be done is because everything is LED and nothing is incandescent. The 600 C9 LED lights use about 2.7 amps of power but the same incandescent version … Read More

Incandescent Versus LED


At Plantscape Solutions we only offer LED installations. This is because LED’s lights are much more dependable, resist breakage, and use a fraction of the power. Incandescent displays often start to have some bulb failures after just a week or two. The Christmas season is way too short to spend money on a partially lit display. In January it is … Read More