Garland is a great way to add daytime décor. Lights look great on a home but they don’t give you anything to look at during the day. Garland is a great way to get some holiday décor to enjoy during the day as well as at night when it lights up. The 16” wide Camdon Fir garland is my personal favorite. It has lots of lights and looks great at night. For people who like more detailed garland the Cheyenne Pine with pine cones and mixed foliage is popular. For commercial properties where the garland will not be seen up close or for more budget conscious customers the Basic garland is also an option and still looks great. For 2014 out supplier increased the density of the Basic garland and it probably looks better then the garland you will find used at most other companies.

All garland is LED lit unless you have a need for unlit garland, in which case we can special order it with no lights. Garland comes in 12”, 14”, and 16” widths but the 16” is really what we recommend if you want the super full florist quality look. For commercial use on large displays we can also get 18” Basic garland. Garland is stored in heavy duty boxes when not in use to prevent flattening it too much. Once installed garland still requires a lot of hand prepping to get the Kodak Moment type look. For more daytime décor check out the Wreath Gallery.