Wreaths are really the best day time décor investment you can make. Wreaths do not require as much installation preparation work as garland so they give you the best bang for your buck. For day time décor wreaths should be considered the best value where garland is secondary for use if the wow factor needs to be increased and there is room in the budget. For wreaths with colored lights bows are really not needed. For wreaths with your standard warm white lights bows really add a nice touch of stately class. Our bows come in red with gold trim and also a darker solid red. We offer both premium nylon bows and velvet bows in sized from 12” to 36” or larger. All bows are UV treated and are intended for exterior use.

The most common wreath sizes are 36” thru 60” but we can get small 24” wreaths and commercial sizes up to 12’. The two residential wreath types we have are the Camdon Fir and Cheyenne Pine. For commercial use we also have the Basic trim level which can also be used for residential use and is a little more budget friendly. All wreaths have LED lights but we can also special order unlit wreaths if they are desired.