Residential & Commercial Holiday Lighting Installation

In the greater Austin, TX region, houses and business structures are what we light the most using C9 Minleon LED lights. There are other generic lights we could buy for less money but the quality and longevity is just not as good. The holiday season is so short that we do not want to risk your display having issues in order to save you a few dollars. The Minleon warm white lights are the most popular and give you that incandescent warm look but give you the dependability of LED. The bullet proof lights will never shatter like incandescent lights and leave glass in your flower beds or lawn.

We have gutter clips, tile roof clips, as well as magnetic clips and even magnetic sockets so we can attach lights to metal roofs, metal railings, and other metal architectural features. If you want more then just lights using wreaths and garland is a good way to add day time decor. These items also have LED lights so they look great at night as well as during the day. Call today to get your estimate scheduled.

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